Metreon’s Remodel 2012

If you have gone to Metreon recently, you would feel bad for how sad the joint looks.  I remember as a teenager, Sony’s Metreon was the coolest spot to watch all the movies in their impressive IMAX auditorium.  There was a Sony Playstation store and a Sony Entertainment store, the coolest subscription based arcade, and a great Games Workshop store.  Today, there’s just the theater, book store, Jillians and Starbucks.

In 2012, Metreon is going to reopen with quite a few really great new tenants including: La Boulange Bakery, Best of Burger, Massage Envy, So Green Yogurt, Chipotle, San Francisco Soup, Mixt Green’s, Brandy Ho’s, Sorabol Korean BBQ, and Firewood Grill.  The restaurants that will continue to lease space to Jillian’s, Buckhorn Grill and Sanraku.  What’s even better is the City Target that will take over the entire 85,000 square foot second floor. Yes, that’s right neighbors!  We’re getting a Target in the city!  Take that Walmart!

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  1. Luis says:

    All the blogs keep repeating incorrect info, Best-o-Burger is not one of the food vendors. Your list is missing: Coriander Thai, Saigon Eats, and Jody Maroni’s. Plus there are 2 retail spots on the first floor that are yet to be determined. If everything goes according to plan, the food court will be completed by November 2011. And the rest of the project will continue on 2012 (Target store).

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