Banana Island – Daly City

Banana Island Mango ChickenBanana Island
416 Westlake Ctr
Daly City, CA 94015

Rated: ♣♣♣

Banana Island has been around for a while, and every time I go there, I’m generally pleased with everything I order – most of the time satisfied, sometimes underwhelmed. I used to have to wait 20 minutes for a table, but it’s much easier now thanks to the brand new parking structure out front. I’m sure it’s hurt business since the restaurant is completely obstructed from the street. Nonetheless, I’m able to eat here with no wait!

The food:

There is a plethora of items on their menu celebrating East Asian cuisine, specifically Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai. They’ve got a mix of curries, noodles, seafood, and the famous roti (paper-thin bread fried and dipped in a coconut curry).

Roti – I’ve come here a few times when this is the only thing I’ve ordered. It’s addicting. The mildly chewy and crispy bread dipped into the creamy and semi-spicy curry is such comfort food. The best part of this dish is the soaked potato in the cup of curry. Don’t let them take the curry away after you’ve finished with your roti, though. Save it and pour it on your rice!

Singapore Tofu – This is my favorite dish at Banana Island. It consists of lightly battered and fried silky tofu mixed with shrimp, chicken, snow peas and mushrooms. The tofu just melts in my mouth.

Pineapple Fried Rice – Sometimes, this is a hit or miss. I’ve had it a few times where the entire dish is really sour because of bad pineapple. One time, I asked them why it was so sour and they said that their last shipment of pineapple wasn’t good. Don’t sell it then! But, when the pineapples are fresh, this dish is pretty good.

Mango Chicken – Also, another favorite of mine. Tender, juicy chicken mixed with crunchy mangoes and drenched in a sweet/tart sauce. Yum!

Basil Noodles – This is pretty much chow fun with tons of basil. It’s amazing how basil can completely change the taste of a classic chow fun. Although the taste was there, I thought there were too many bean sprouts. I rather have a load of noodles than the crunchy vegetable.

Fried Bananas – I’m a sucker for desserts, especially those involving fruits. You really can’t screw up fried bananas, so of course, I loved this dish. Who wouldn’t love a gooey banana that’s deep fried in batter?

Chocolate Peanut Roti – Banana Island has a whole section on roti desserts. The one that caught our eye is the roti filled with chocolate and peanuts. The mixture of chocolate and peanuts was thick, creamy and nutty. Such a sinful treat.

As I’ve continuously mentioned throughout this post, this restaurant is a hit or miss. They’ve got some amazing dishes and some duds. It’s good enough for a 3-clubber, though.

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  1. […] milk teas. The best meal of the day by far. The roti is much different than the one back home at Banana Island. It was soft and chewy with a little bit of crunch on the outside. It came with 3 dipping sauces […]

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