Little Star – San Francisco

Little Star StorefrontLittle Star Pizza
Neighborhood: Mission
400 Valencia St
(between 15th St & Sparrow St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

I’m not a big fan of deep dish pizzas, but I wanted to give Little Star a chance since it’s got a lot of hype. Deep dish pizzas were always too heavy for me. The crust is thick and there are way too many toppings. I’m more into the Neapolitan style pizzas with thin crusts and fresh ingredients. Nonetheless, Little Star does serve great deep dish pizzas.

The scene:

We took it to go, so I didn’t get a chance to fully absorb the atmosphere. I was expecting an old looking pizza parlor with a fat guy from Chicago handing us a pizza, but boy was I wrong. Who knew this is where the hipsters hung out in the Mission? It was a trendy restaurant with candles and cloth napkins. The cashier even had tattoos up her neck.

The food:

K has been wanting to try an anchovie pizza, so we ordered the “Little Star” with anchovies on top.

Little Star pizza – Spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions, garlic. I have to admit, it was a dang good pizza. Although not as great as Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, I give it props for being a good deep dish pizza. The crust was crispy and firm, much like a pie crust made from corn meal rather than pizza dough. If you’re a loyal follower of TheCultureBite, you’ll know I don’t eat tomatoes. The tomato sauce on this pie was literally 3 inches of semi-crushed whole tomatoes. I just picked it off and passed it over to K. The bottom half of the pizza was very good, however. The ingredients are undoubtedly fresh and it was loaded with garlic. All pluses in my book.

I’m down to try Little Star Pizza again and actually eat in the restaurant. It’ll never be better than Tony’s by personal opinion, but it’s still good.

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