Our first set of furniture – Plastic Molded Chairs

Plastic Molded Chairs

Construction has officially begun at the K+S household. Unfortunately, we discovered a few extra repairs that need to be done which breaks our budget. As much as I hate to do this, K and I will have to wait on our new couches and dining set for now and stick to some temporary furniture some family gave us.

However, I did manage to snag some white plastic molded chairs with the eiffel base for our breakfast nook! Yes, they’re knock offs. K and I originally wanted the original Eames version, but for the price of one, we got four of these babies from Advanced Interior Designs in SF. They’re pretty close to the real deal except for the fact that the base of the seat is a little smaller and the texturing on the seat is a little different. Unless the chair is side-by-side with an original, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Love the service, selection and price at AID and I’ll definitely come back when I’m ready to purchase more furniture.

Now, we have to find a table to match! We’ve been eying these 36″ tables from Room and Board and Scandinavian Designs, but we can’t decide! Anyone have any suggestions?

Axis Table $659 at Room and Board

Becky Dining Table, $249 at Scandinavian Designs.

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