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Outerlands Lunch

On a sunny summer day in San Francisco, what’s more perfect than brunch by the beach? I can tell you, not much. I first heard about Outerlands from my good friend Tye who heard about this place through her boyfriend who is friends with friends of the owner. And boy, I’m so glad I received the tip!

Outerlands has an uber hipster vibe. I’ve been told the hipster crowd is slowly migrating over to the Outer Sunset, and by the looks of this restaurant and its clientele, I would say that’s accurate.

When the menu hit the table, my eyes were drawn to the fried egg and bacon open-faced sandwich. It was so delicious! A thick and chewy slice of sourdough topped with crispy bacon, cheese, and two over-easy eggs. I popped my eggs immediately so that the yolk dripped into the crevices of the bread like a thick and creamy sauce. Oh so good.

Outerlands Fried Egg Bacon Sandwich

After our sandwiches, we nibbled on their homemade soft-chew caramels and sipped on some Sightglass Coffee which they served in a neat looking carafe. The caramels was such sweet buttery goodness, good thing I only had one otherwise I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

Outerlands Caramels

Outerlands Sightglass Coffee

I can’t wait to come back to Outerlands to try more. Everyone around our table seemed to be ordering the grilled cheese sandwich that is pan fried in butter with a side of soup. Seems like the perfect brunch this July 4th weekend!

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  1. Amelia Chan says:

    i love this place! 😀 super yum!

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