Primavera – San Francisco

Primavera TamalesPrimavera
1 Ferry Plaza
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
San Francisco, CA 94101
Neighborhood: Embarcadero

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

The Ferry Building Farmers’ Market can get overwhelming. Luckily, most of the food stands also come on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but it really takes a while for you to try food from every stand. On my last visit to the Saturday Farmers’ Market, I decided to try Primavera. Expensive, but great tasting tamales.

The scene:

I checked out their Yelp page and it seems like they switched up their menu quite often. I appreciate that because it shows they put real thought into their food and they keep their food fresh.

The food:

I got the 2 tamale plate for $9.50 and a pineapple cucumber aguas fresca.

2 tamale combo (pork and mushroom/spinach/cheese) – Both were moist and tasty. Good ratio of masa to filling. I’m a masa lover, so I could care less about the filling. However, the filling in both these tamales were delicious. Even though I love my meats, I always somehow prefer the vegetarian option over the meat. In my opinion, the mushroom and cheese tamale was better. The mushrooms were buttery and there was just enough cheese in the filling. The beans served with the tamales are thick, creamy and fresh. I could tell these beans were made in house rather than from a can. Muy perfecto.

Pineapple Cucumber Aguas Fresca – I am not a cucumber fan, but ordered the drink since it sounded really interesting. It was amazing. I never had anything like it before. It had some kind of tea base mixed with the juices of a pineapple and a cucumber. Occasionally, you’d run into chunks of the ingredients which added a little texture. Perfect drink for a hot day.

I’m thinking about coming back here next Tuesday to see what special tamales they’ll have on their menu. I read they sometimes serve a butternut squash tamale. I HAVE to try that if I ever see it on the menu.

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