Genki Crepes – San Francisco

Genki CrepesGenki Crepes
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
330 Clement St
(between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94118

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

After an afternoon at the Walt Disney Family Museum, K and I worked up an appetite for some crepes. We stopped at Genki Crepes in the Inner Richmond to satisfy our craving.

The scene:

Genki Crepes is a mix between a grocery store and a dessert spot. They have a little something for everyone – crepes, boba drinks, egg puffs and ice cream. They’ve got an impressive assortment of imported chips and candy from all over Asia. I copped a few unusual flavors of Kit Kat bars that I’ve never seen before. The packaging is completely in Japanese, but it looks like the flavors might be coffee and chocolate mochi.

The food:

For egg puffs and a crepe, the total came to $4.50.

Lemon Sugar Crepe – I wanted something light, so I overlooked the chocolate ice cream and cheesecake crepe for the lemon sugar. The crepe was thin and crispy, but soft enough so it didn’t crack and fall on the floor. It was very lemony and it had just the right amount of sweetness.

Egg Puffs – The egg puffs were much different that others I’ve had at other dessert places. Usually, each egg puff has a huge pocket of air, but not these. They were dense, chewy and crispy. The only downside was that it was a little cold by the time we got it.

I’m definitely coming back to try their other crepes. The cheesecake one sounds delicious, but I’d probably have to skip dinner to eat that one.

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