Flavor of the Week – Roast Pork Flavored Lays

Lays Roast Pork Flavor

Posts for FotW are way past due. One of the weird hobbies K and I are into is to try different kinds of foreign snacks. A couple weeks ago, by brother handed me a bag of potato chips he got from a friend who recently returned from Thailand. It was a pack of roast pork flavored Lay’s. That’s crazy! The bag consisted of 2 different kinds of chips. The rigid chip was the pork flavor and the smooth chip was the sauce. The flavor resemblance to the real thing was uncanny. Must be the MSG….

Check out the other unique flavors of Lay’s here.

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Flavor of the Week – Oatmealicious at Cups and Cakes Bakery

Cups and Cakes Bakery Oatmealicious Cookie

Here’s a follow up to this post.

On K’s last day of jury duty, he stopped at Cups and Cakes Bakery to pick up an Oatmealicious for me since I’ve been wanting to try one. Aw, how sweet!

Oatmealicious – two salted oatmeal cookies sandwiching cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache. Does that sound sinful or what? At first, I totally didn’t realize it was salted on purpose, so I completely thought they accidentally spilled salt over the cookie. There may have been a little bit too much of salt because it made my lips pucker. But, once you get past the salt, the cookie sandwich was deeee-lish. The cookie had a nice chewy consistancy and the frosting and ganache wasn’t too sweet. These have been flying off the shelf, so come quick to try one out.

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Flavor of the Week – Mary's Gone Crackers

Marys Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers (Black Pepper) is the most addicting snack in our work kitchen right now. It’s super healthy and it has a great spicy taste. Crunch on these if you’re looking for a guilt-free snack. You can find them at Whole Foods or at any other specialty grocery store.

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Flavor Of The Week – Ritual "Communist" Coffee

Ritual Coffee

Rich, bold, beautiful. This retro-Communist themed coffee brand offers the hottest coffee in San Francisco’s Mission district. It’s smooth, robust and totally unique. Try it at their hipster shop, Ritual Coffee Roasters, or purchase a sack of the beans at Whole Foods.

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