House of Prime Rib – San Francisco

House of Prime Rib StorefrontHouse of Prime Rib
Neighborhood: Nob Hill
1906 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

Every single year my dad asks if we can take him to House of Prime Rib for his birthday. I don’t blame him because HoPR has got to be one of the most iconic restaurants in San Francisco that serves up some delicious prime rib.

The scene:

It’s got an old school steak restaurant kind of feel. Lots of wood paneling, oversized booths in the main dining area, and large chandeliers all throughout the restaurant. HoPR has several dining rooms and each get plenty of attention from each of its servers. Each room has a carving station for the carver to slice and present your meat for his guests.

The food:

Each prime rib meal is about $30-$40.

When ordering at HoPR, you pick from their variety of cuts. The English cut is the smallest which features 3 thin slices of prime rib. The city cut is thicker than the English cut, but is the thinest out of the actual cuts. The House of Prime Rib cut is their house cut which is about an inch and a half to two inchest thick. Good size if you’re planning to take home leftovers. The largeset size of them all is the King Henry VIII cut. It’s about 3-4 inches of goodness with the bone. You’re able to get seconds if you finish your meal too!!!

Sides – So with your prime rib you get a butt load of sides (unless you order ala cart) – salad with house dressing, mashed potatos or a baked potato, creamed spinach or creamed corn, yorkshire pudding and corn bread in the shape of a corn. The salad is really one of the best salads I’ve ever had. They dress the mixed greens with beets, chopped egg and a “special” dressing I have yet to find the name of. FYI – you can purchase the dressing with a 2 week expiration date. The creamed spinach is made with bacon, YUM! The least favorite would be the Yorkshire pudding. There are many people out there that don’t understand what Yorkshire pudding is. It is a light bread that’s made with flour, eggs, milk and butter and is baked in really hot fat or oil. It really doesn’t taste like anything, so I usually avoid it since it’s so fatty.

Peach Melba – This dessert is essentially peaches with raspberry sauce on top of ice cream. It was refreshing after the heavy meal. It didn’t wow me, but you can’t go wrong with peaches and ice cream.

Fantasy Cake – I’ve never seen a dessert like this before! It features layers of chocolate mouse, chocolate cake and cheese cake with raspberry sauce. So rich, but so good.

HoPR is a real treat if you decide to come here. Everyone and their mamas celebrates their birthday at House of Prime Rib. This place is fancy, so make sure you come dressed a ppropriately.

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  1. esa says:

    Sam, I haven’t been to HoPR for YEARS, but this makes me want to go!! Are the creamed corn and cornbread sides new? I’ve never had them before. And the desserts, especially that fantasy one, sound delicious (you know I love my sweets).
    Funny story – for prom senior year, my friends and I ate at HoPR. We (the girls) figured why must we always decide everything? So we made the guys choose a restaurant, hence HoPR for prom night. Typical. 😛

    • samiam says:

      same here! i haven’t been to hopr in years! it was sooo good though. it makes me want to try more steak restaurants. they’ve got tons of desserts i want to try – strawberry shortcake, english triffle, creme brulee, and tiramisu. Yum!

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