Osha – San Francisco

Osha Thai
Neighborhood: Financial District
4 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94110

Rated: ♣♣♣

Osha has been getting a lot of buzz in the SF food world right now. They’re popping up everywhere around the city! Some better than others, but generally pretty good.

The scene:

Osha is a trendy Thai restaurant with 7 locations around the city. Dishes range from $10-$20, but portions are on the smaller side as opposed to other Thai restaurants. I do admit each branch is a little inconsistent with their dishes, but the food is pretty decent.

The food:

My lunch buddy and I shared the Green Papaya Salad and the Stir-fried Green Curry Noodles, which came out to a little over $20. Kind of pricey since we ordered a salad and a noodle dish.

Green Papaya Salad – I ordered this quite a few times at the location in Glen Park and it always comes out incredibly spicy no matter how hot I tell them. I don’t mind this too much because I love the heat. I was expecting the salad at the Embarcadero location to be just as spicy, so I ordered it with medium heat but was disappointed when it came out not spicy at all. The ingredients were fresh and all the other flavors were there. It was just missing the heat.

Stir-fried Green Curry Noodles – This was such an interesting dish. It consisted of spaghetti noodles mixed with a spicy green curry, bamboo shoots, basil, green beans, carrots and chicken. I’m going to try to make this at home since it seems pretty easy to make.

All-in-all, Osha is pretty satisfactory. I keep coming back because they have some winners and it’s close to my work and home, but there are much better Thai restaurants in the city

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