Brown Owl Coffee – San Francisco

Brown Owl Coffee Interior

Rated: ♣♣♣

I am in love with milk-based coffee drinks, and I’m pretty sure I have recently developed an addiction to coffee. K and I have become furniture scavengers ever since we purchased our house. After checking out an estate sale in the Sunset, we were on our way to Quickly to pick up some milk tea. On our way there, we ran into a brand new gourmet coffee shop called Brown Owl Coffee. And with my recent obsession with birds and coffee, I had to try out this place. If you’re interested in eating a little something with with coffee, they also serve baked goods made from local bakers.

Brown Owl Coffee Grinds

I ordered a latte, while K got a drip coffee. The latte was strong and dark, the way I like it. Though, the froth was a little too foamy for my taste. K loved his drip. The first thing he noticed was the roast (which Brown Owl does themselves). The flavors tasted like cocoa and spices. A very unique cup of coffee.

Brown Owl Coffee

Brown Owl Coffee
1131 Taraval St
(between 21st Ave & 22nd Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94116
Neighborhood: Parkside

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