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I’m about to share with you something so disgustingly delicious, my heart is still hating me for the torture I put it through.

My coworkers and I trekked over to The Truck Stop (in an alley on Mission St. between Fremont and First) to try the newly popular Bacon Bacon truck. Apparently everyone else in the Financial District had the same idea because at about 11:45, there was already an hour wait in line! If you plan to try Bacon Bacon, I encourage you to get there when it opens to cut the wait time. They also run out of food as the day goes on, so the earlier the better.

Bacon Bacon Belly

Once I ordered, I had to wait another 30 minutes before I got my food. These guys seriously need an actual store front to handle the traffic. I ordered the Belly sandwich and a piece of chocolate covered bacon for dessert. The sandwich is a slab of crispy pork belly, a fried egg, arugula and caper aioli on a brioche bun. I feel like they only threw arugula in there to taunt me for eating a sandwich that’s 90% pure fat. Like, “Hey, you’re about to eat a 3,000 calorie sandwich, but it’s okay because there are some greens in it.” When I took my first bite into the sandwich, the yolk immediately popped and ran down my hand. The croissant-like roll paired with the crispy and juicy chunks of pork belly was like an explosion of amazingness in my mouth. I’m glad I savored every bite because there’s no way I can put my body through this again.

Bacon Bacon Inside Belly

The chocolate covered bacon was interesting. They took a very thick slice of bacon, toasted it up and coated it in chocolate and toffee bits. Who knew chocolate and bacon made for a tasty combination?

Bacon Bacon Chocolate

I was also able to try some of the bacon bouquet (yes, it’s a bouquet of bacon) and the spicy belly fries. The bacon itself has got to be the best bacon I’ve ever had. So thick and crispy with the right amount of saltiness. It also appeared to be deep fried. The spicy belly fries packed a lot of heat, but I didn’t care for them all too much. They were topped with loose shredded pork (which tasted like Hawaiian kalua pork) that seemed separated from the fries. Like, you couldn’t eat the fries and toppings in one bite. you’d have to eat the plain fries first, then the shredded pork.

Bacon Bacon Bouquet

Bacon Bacon Fries

I’ll admit that the Belly sandwich is one of my top ranked sandwiches next to Roli Roti’s porchetta sandwich. But because of the fat content, I don’t think I’ll be coming back here again. It just doesn’t seem worth it with the wait time. I guess it’s one of those places you have to try once.

Bacon Bacon truck
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