Ferry Building News: LuLu Petite moves out, Cowgirl Creamery expands

I’m one block away from the Ferry Building and I didn’t even notice LuLu Petite was gone. Where will I get my freshly fried chips??

Cowgirl Creamery has announced they will in fact expand into the LuLu Petite space. And, get this. They’ll discuss the building plans in Paris while visiting a cheese event. Sometimes, I feel like I am in the wrong business. I need someone to send me to Paris to each cheese.

I LOVE Cowgirl Creamery. I’m obsessed with their variety of stinky cheeses; but, every single time I go to their stand in the Ferry Building, their staff is always so rude! Why don’t you talk to me when I come to the window, pretentious employees at Cowgirl Creamery???

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