Top Chinese Restaurants in the USA released their 6th annual winners for the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US. Take this list as you will. I, myself, am skeptical because Ana Mandara is in the Top 5. Last time I went to Ana Mandara, I paid $300 for a meal and left hungry. The food was nothing notable. And if I remember correctly, Ana Mandara is actually a Vietnamese/Asian Fusion restaurant, not Chinese.

Top 1
Ching’s Table

64 Main St. New Canaan, CT
Tel: 203-972-2830

Top 2
Wong’s King Seafood Restaurant

8733 SE Division St. Portland, OR
Tel: 503-788-8883

Top 3
Bo Ling’s

4800 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64112
Tel: 816-753-1718

Top 4
Mr. K’s Restaurant

570 Lexington Ave. New York, NY
Tel: 212-583-1668

Top 5
Ana Mandara

891 Beach St. San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415-771-6800

Top 6
Seafood Village

2424 Kalakaua Ave. #102, Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808-971-1818

Top 7
Happy Harbor Restaurant

1015 S Nogales St. #126, Rowland Heights, CA
Tel: 626-965-2020

Top 8
Chef Chu’s

1067 N San Antonio Rd. Los Altos, CA
Tel: 650-948-2696

Top 9
Lao Szechuan Restaurant

2172 S Archer Ave. Chicago, IL
Tel: 312-326-5040

Top 10
Zine Noodles & Dim Sum

3325 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV
Tel: 702-607-2220

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  1. esa says:

    huh. no joe’s shanghai??

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