It’s time for the La Cocina SF Street Food Fest again – Aug 20

I’m so excited the La Cocina SF Street Food Fest is back again!

This annual food festival features popular restaurants and food trucks in SF in street food form. Looks like they have some repeat offenders like Three Twins, 4505 Meats, Beretta and Hapa SF. The one cart I’m really excited to try is the Nom Nom Truck. If you watched The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, you’ll recognize this Vietnamese sandwich truck as the runner up. Get your tickets now!

Day: Saturday, Aug 20
Time: 11am-7pm
Price: $25-$100
La Cocina
2948 Folsom
San Francisco, CA CA

SF Chefs 2011 Glutton’s Tour

This post was written by my mom.

San Francisco Chefs 2011 is an over the top feast. And if you think you can’t get full from small bites, you’ll have to come to this food festival. There are so many great chefs cooking great food. You can’t say no.   The brochure suggests you’ll mingle with master chefs, mixologists, wine makers, brewers and culinary superstars. And that’s an understatement. Our first stop after entering the Great White Tent on Union Square was the Epic Roasthouse station. What a way to start.  It was a charcuterie heaven!  Thin slices of deliciously cured meats. The duck prosciotto with a ruffled edge of fat had nice dried cured taste and it’s surprisingly very similar to Chinese cured duck (lop op to you Cantonese).  The meats were showcased on a wooden platter of beautifully prepared slices of rabbit, corned beef,  smokey pork terrine, and porchetta. The meats were the stars but the support cast consisted of an assortment of crispy, pickled veggies. So delicious that we wanted to take home a jar.

While one of us waited in Epic’s food  line, the other headed to Delfina’s station and quickly snagged a serving of cucumber salad and tripe.  The chef said the tripe was the “second stomach”. I don’t know what that means but this tripe was different than any we’ve ever tasted. It was crispy, lightly seasoned with lime and olive oil and some other chef’s secret. It was topped with a sprinkle of sea salt.  Yum! I’m not a fan of cucumbers but if I could get the recipe for that salad I definitely would be a convert.

We then moved on to another station run by Perbacco.    It’s melon salad is everything we love about California’s seasonal fruits and veggies. It’s called Lardo Reale Pressed Melon salad. The fruit chunks looked like jewels, almost too pretty to eat.   The crispy melons were sprinkled with black pepper and jalapenos.  It was both sharp, sweet, peppery, with a kick but still refreshingly cool  A perfect finish or a start to any meal.

One of the favorites of the day was a cold corn soup with smoked chanterelles.  The corn was definitely fresh off the cob.  The soup had a sweet, crispy crunch with a smoky flavor.

We moved on to the Fleur De Lys station.  Hubert Keller was there serving the most delicious summer soup I’ve tasted: Chilled avocado and tomato gazpacho with cilantro topped with crab meat.  The combination describes itself.

At this point, we were saying, “no more!”  But we didn’t give up.  The soup was a pre-cursor to the Burger Bar station.  We were hoping for hamburgers. But to our surprise, they were serving up burger desserts.  Using cream cheese and Nutella, these were little bites of heavenly goodness.  We couldn’t eat anymore so we split the pineapple moousse burger bite.  Definitely a guilty pleasure.  And  I even felt guilty not trying the Nutella burger.

Notes on other delicious tastes:  Pizza Antica’s Tomato Pancetta Braised Pork Cheeks, with Creamy Corn.  Persian Lamb tacos made with potatos, tomatoes,  garbanzo and herbs. I wish I could remember which station because it’s definitely a dish I’d love to have for dinner.   On the way out we eyed the Halibut cheeks, tempting but we literally could not eat another bite.

Bacchanalia is the one word to describe this event.

SF Street Food Fest – Aug 2010

SF Street Food Fest Tickets

I’m so glad I made it to the SF Street Food Fest in the Mission on Aug 21st. Here I was able to try most of every food truck in the Bay Area I’ve always wanted to try such as Lumpia Cart, Curry Up Now and Hapa Ramen. The one-day event was über packed and vendors were selling out left and right. Each vendor (mix of food trucks, restaurant stands, and suppliers) offered 3 items – a small bite, bigger bite and a drink. I pre-purchased a $75 pass with 3 other friends which allotted us $75 worth of food and 2 free drinks. If I had known I could’ve purchased items a la carte the day of, I totally would’ve gone that route as it was painful to eat that much food.

SF Street Food Fest

Rated: ♣♣♣

I was pretty underwhelmed with the event as a whole. There was no single item I absolutely fell in love with – a few good finds, but a lot of flops. I’m wondering if it was because the food carts were not use to making food in such large batches. I came really early so I didn’t hit really long lines, but when I left the event got really crowded. A few friends that also went to the event complained that they spent most of their time in lines and a lot of vendors sold out of their popular items.

Click below to read the review on every cart I tried.

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53rd Annual Armenian Food Festival


I’ve been wanting to come to the Armenian food festival for the last 4 years, and I still won’t make it to this one! I’m so bummed!

Authentic Armenian Food featuring buffet style complete Shish-Kebab Dinner, and Pastries. Games for Children and Armenian Folk Dancing

Where: 825 Brotherhod Way, KZV Armenian School, San Francisco, CA, 94132

Print image below for free admission.

When: Friday, Sep 10, 6:00p – Saturday, Sep 11, 12:00a

Cake Moda Cupcake Wars – $22 Sale!

We mentioned the Cupcake Wars here before and now, there’s an update! If the $45 price tag was too much, this $22 sale should definitely help.

Click here for the sale.

Remember this is a ticket for the Cupcake competition, unlimited wine tasting, and $10 towards the purchase of any wine.