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Destinations Storefront

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

I can’t believe I just discovered Destination Baking Company. I live just 2 minutes away to this quaint little 50s style bakery in Glen Park that serves up freshly baked breads, pies, pastries and cakes.

Destinations Selection

One Saturday afternoon, K and I discovered this neighborhood gem on our way to the Bart station. The sign advertising an apricot pie lured me in. I was a little bummed to learn that they just sold their last piece of pie, but I picked up a lemon tartlet, a moon pie and two large bowls of coffee instead. K and I grabbed a seat by the window and leisurely enjoyed our afternoon snack. My lemon tart was really good. Tart, not too sweet, and the crust was perfectly thing. K’s moon pie was delish! The cookie sandwich was really soft and the marshmallow cream filling was airy and light. The whole time, we watched this elderly couple next to us fill out a crossword puzzle together while eating some warm palmiers straight out of the oven. My immediate thought was “That is how I am going to spend my weekends when I grow old.”

Destinations Lemon Tart Moon Pie

Destinations Coffee

Based on the decor of this bakery, the name is completely fitting. Destination? The 1950s. From the tables to the chairs to the clocks. Everything seems to have been placed in a time capsule and opened just for this bake shop. I came back to Destination Baking Company a few weeks later and tried the sticky bun and the cinnamon roll. Both also were amazing. I hope one day I can try that apricot pie!

Destination Baking Company
598 Chenery St
(between Natick St & Roanoke St)
San Francisco, CA 94131
Neighborhood: Glen Park

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  1. Next time you’re in San Francisco please stop by and try us out! :)

    Great website! Really great food tips and travel information.

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