Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – New York

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory StorefrontChinatown Ice Cream Factory
Neighborhood: Chinatown
65 Bayard St
(between Elizabeth St & Mott St)
New York, NY 10013

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

It was about 30 degrees out in New York City, but that didn’t stop me from trying the famous ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

The scene:

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is a tiny storefront in the heart of Chinatown. They had the most unusual flavors on the menu. Ginger. Wasabi. Pumpkin Pie. Zen Butter (peanut butter with toasted sesame seeds).

The food:

We ordered the Almond Cookie ice cream and Black Sesame ice cream. They charge a whopping $3.75 per scoop.

Almond Cookie ice cream – MMmm. So good! Probably one of the better ice creams I’ve ever tried. It’s so different and it really did taste like an almond cookie.

Black Sesame ice cream – This is the best black sesame ice cream I’ve ever tried. It’s creamy, nutty, and not too sweet.

Can’t wait for my next trip to try the pumpkin pie flavor!

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