Look Ma, No Pants!

I love the creative minds and free spirits that are a part of the Improv Everywhere.  On January 10, 2010, Improv Everywhere will be sending tons of pants-less strangers into the Subways all over the world to cause chaos.  If you want to join up with the main Improv Anywhere group in New York, you can join here on the Improv Everywhere and here on Facebook.  Also, they are encouraging people in other cities to do the same here.

Here are the details for the next event:

When: Sunday, January 10 at 3:00 PM, Sharp! (Over by around 5:30)
Where: Six meeting points spread out all over New York City. Details below.
Bring: A backpack and a metro card.
Wear: Normal winter clothes (hat, gloves, etc)

Check out the videos after the jump!

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  1. Emily says:

    If I was in New York I would so participate in this event.
    I applaud the individuals who wore briefs rather than boxers.

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