Westville Restaurant – New York City

Westville Restaurant
Neighborhood: West Village, NYC

Rated: ♣♣♣♣ 1/2

An inexpensive or reasonably priced restaurant in New York City may be difficult to find being a tourist consumed by the lights! bustle! and..shopping! We often settle for the closest eats that may not be that great tasting, or worthy of its’ cost. Worry no more because Westville is so satisfying (and priced correctly) you’ll leave this place wanting to return the next day!

The Scene:

Westville is a tiny restaurant located in the heart of New York’s West Village (just a few minutes away from famous Magnolia Bakery). This is a small space with only 8 or so tables. Their staff are friendly and efficient! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you’ll most likely have to wait for a seat (why my lack of 1/2 + more of a rating)

The Food:

This place has the best tasting and freshest veggies cooked in a variety of ways daily – called their Market List. You can pick these cooked veggies as your side order to your main meal, or order 5 of these Market dishes. From roasted zucchini with tomatoes & mozzarella to their mushrooms with leeks & herbs (to die for!) Westville has the best of the fresh!

Westville Veggie Burger:

“veggie burger topped w/ mixed mushrooms & spicy tartar sauce w/ fries or salad” – SO TASTY. Some may think that a veggie burger is not as hearty as a real beef patty…so wrong beyond belief until you try this one! You’ll be so full and satisfied you will be craving it again once you’re digested! The house side salad is always dressed with their lemon/vinaigrette with the perfect amount.

Westville Hot Dogs & Sausages:

“grilled hot dogs: single or ‘special’ (special = 2 hot dogs w/ fries, salad or 1 side from the market”. Need I say more? Why get your overpriced hot dog on the streets of New York when you can grab the best hot dogs right here! You can choose a variety of sausages they carry, with all the toppings – sauerkraut, relish, cheese, grilled onions, or chili.

guest blog post by: Tynessa Jue

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