Sam’s Kitchen – Slider Burgers

Sams Kitchen Plate of Sliders

I’ll admit, I really don’t cook much. I’m more of an eater. I usually come home from work and dinner is ready on the table for me to eat. A couple weeks ago K and I offered to cook our Sunday night family dinner to give my dad a break from the kitchen. My parents always say, “You can always cook, you know.” But when we actually do cook, they become completely uneasy when I use my dads All-Clad cookware and pretty much every other dish in the house. So, K and I wanted to do something special to appreciate all of my dad’s hard work and make slider burgers. And not just any kind of slider, three different kinds – beef, beef with bleu cheese, and lamb, mint and feta burgers!

Since there are 3 different kinds of burgers, I’m going to break out this one post into 3 separate recipes. But, all 3 generally follow the same cooking instructions.

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