Cereal Marshmallows – Best Idea Ever

And I thought this was the coolest thing ever…

Let’s be honest, no one really likes the actual cereal from Lucky Charms. When I was a kid, I used to dig my hand into the cereal box and only eat the marshmallows, leaving my brother with the brown pieces. Well, now I can bypass the cereal and only have the sweet, crunchy goodness that is Cereal Marshmallows!

You can purchase 2-7oz. bags from cerealmarshmallows.com for $7.99.

You’ve gotta love this guy’s site. He has videos of him eating his cereal marshmallows with other breakfast items. Here’s Nathan Wratislaw eating Cereal Marshmallows with Oatmeal. “I don’t like oatmeal. I’m not a horse.”

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One Response to “Cereal Marshmallows – Best Idea Ever”

  1. Craig Rich says:

    Bags of only the sweet crunchy cereal marshmallows.

    Check it out http://www.magicianscerealmarshmallows.com

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