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Gorilla BBQ Storefront

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

One Friday after work, K and I were craving some barbeque and decided to head down to Pacifica. I remembered seeing Gorilla BBQ on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network once, so I suggested we try it out. The motto by the front door read, “If it’s smokin’, we’re open.” I looked up and saw the smoke piping out of the roof of their train car shaped restaurant.

Gorilla BBQ Ribs

We were warned that the portions were huge, so K and I shared a 2 item combo with pork ribs and pulled pork and sides of beans and rice, mac n cheese and a corn muffin. It required a lot of self-control to not sneak a taste in the car, but I managed to hold on for the 20 minute ride home. Once home, K and I ripped open the box and dug in. The pork ribs were so tender, smokey and succulent. It had a good bark and the meat fell right off the bone. The pulled pork was very tender and packed with lots of sweet sauce. Gorilla serves their meat dry and packs a few containers of their BBQ sauce with every order. The only disappointment in the meal was the sauce. It tasted almost like a fruit sauce; it was missing it’s tang. As for our sides, the corn muffin was moist, the mac n cheese creamy and the beans and rice soft and warming.

Although the barbequing of the meets were executed perfectly, I’m going to knock off one star for the sauce.

Gorilla Barbeque
2145 Coast Hwy
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 359-7427

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