Quick Bites

I realized my blog needs a little more variety content-wise. So, I’ll be posting my 5 favorite things of the week. It could be anything from a recipe to a kitchen appliance. Check ’em out!

In no particular order…

Martha Stewart’s Recipe for Kale Crisps

Tartine’s Cookbook on Amazon

Recchiuti’s S’Mores Kit

Il Cane Rosso‘s Warm Egg Salad Sandwich

Beijing Restaurant in SF

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4 Responses to “Quick Bites”

  1. meagan says:

    I love kale chips! I’ve also been making Brussels Sprout chips. It takes a while to peel the leaves but they are delicious :)

  2. samiam says:

    Ooh! I’ll have to try the Brussels Sprout chips! I’m so obsessed with the kale crisps now,

  3. esa says:

    Did you know a second Beijing Restaurant opened on Irving (or Judah) and 40 something? I went to the original one once and the cumin beef tasted like Chili Cheese Fritos to me 😛

  4. samiam says:

    I had no idea! I haven’t tried the cumin beef, but I looove the cumin lamb. It does kind of taste like Chili Cheese Fritos!

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