Accord Seafood Restaurant – Vancouver, BC

Accord Seafood Restaurant
4298 Main Street Vancouver, BC
Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant – Main street strip

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

It’s Alaskan King crab season!

The Scene:

Accord seafood restaurant is located in the trendy & very popular area of the city with great antique shops, independent coffee cafes and a plethora of vintage stores including (Front & Co). It’s somewhat fitting that Accord is in this cool indie area of the city, as it is still part of the Vancouver east side slowly transforming from its past grime & dinginess. Accord is like most basic chinese restaurants with large round tables & the fish tanks at the back. When we walked into the restaurant it smelled like sewage which was almost so unbearable to walk right out. The smell wafted away as their garbage removal was taken out (our waiter had apologized as the garbage was to be taken out during the day)…

The Food:

Sewage smells aside (which I promise dissolved away quickly), the food was tasty! Prior to cooking our family had chosen which king crab we’d like and the shellfish was brought live to our table. The first dish was breaded, garlic, pan-fried king crab with diced jalepeno peppers. Our second dish of king crab was steamed with garlic  – very basic and very yummy. Our complete dinner meal composed not only of a whole Alaskan king crab, but dow mui (greens), noodles, & garlic spear ribs.  To complete the full chinese meal – mango bo-deen (mango pudding).

guest blog post by: Tynessa Jue

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  1. samiam says:

    WOW king crab?? That’s like over $100 here in the US!

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