The next generation for grocery shopping?

I found this awesome blog post about the future of grocery shopping. British grocery store, Tesco, has launched Home Plus in South Korea. The concept features billboards that look like grocery store isles where people can scan QR codes with their smart phone to later have selected groceries delivered to their home.

Check out this video to see how it works:

Things I found at the Asian Supermarket

Warning: This post is not for those with weak a stomach… or for those who are overly sensitive.

Over the weekend, I went to Manila Oriental Market in the Mission to pick up some groceries and check out what I found.

Photos after the jump.

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Seasonal Ingredient Map

Sample of what you'll find over on the interactive Seasonal Ingredient Map

If you are anything like us here at Culture Bite, you know you like getting the freshest ingredients to cook at home. Epicurious, a popular cooking site, has posted a very useful seasonal ingredients map to help you find when certain produce in you area is in season.  Plus, as an added bonus, when you find the produce that you are looking for, Epicurious links you directly to popular recipes!

Epicurious – Seasonal Ingredient Map