ANA Airplane Food Is Actually Good

All Nippon AirlinesAround 2 years ago, I went to Tokyo and Hong Kong for a graduation trip and got a great deal on airfare through All Nippon Airlines, a Japanese airline with cute Japanese flight attendants. All the attendants were very polite; they even gently woke you up when it came time to serve meals and drinks.

I was so surprised when they offered me chicken or fish for dinner. What, fish?? I had to order that to see what it was all about. When they placed the food on my tray, I was shocked! There was unagi “eel” over rice and sweet egg, a salad with raw fish, and a cold noodle salad. I’m actually not an eel fan, but I ate it anyway because I was so surprised. For the dessert, every guest even received a small carton of Häagen-Dazs.

Things could get iffy with certain Asian airlines, but I was surely impressed with ANA. I’d like to try Singapore Airlines on my next trip to Asia as they’re supposed to have the best service.

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