Barnes and Nobles – B1G1 Free Starbucks Frappuccino

Treat a friend to a free Starbucks Frappuccino until May 24th, 2010 when you purchase one for yourself.  Or better, yet, have them to treat YOU to a free Frappuccino for finding this deal.  Good job, you!

Click here for the coupons!

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Calbee Saya Snow Pea Crisps

This is a tip for everyone that usually buys the same product at Safeway or Trader Joes.  Don’t buy it there, buy it at your closest Asian Supermarket.  The packaging might look different, but why get those tiny packages at Safeway they come out to be $1.49 to $2.00, when you can get this large family pack at Marina Market for $1.99.  That’s roughly the same price for 2 to 3 times the same amount.  Snow Pea Crisp buying community, you’ve just been served.

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Dine About Town 2010

Yes! We’re so excited to have Dine About Town return! Looks like we’ve got a few new places here. Where are you guys planning on taking reservations to?

Full List of Restos

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