The Daily Double Shot – May 29, 2012

Good morning! Here’s a shot of the latest milk-based coffee drink I made.  At this point in my career in amateur professional coffee making, it’s hard to tell what I made, I’m leaning towards a latte.  Critical point from the image: too many gosh darn large bubbles.  As for latte art… erm… uhh… it’s becoming more and more like finding familiar shapes in the clouds.  (Cow face above a koala in this one, see it?).

Lessons learned today. The drip was leaking too early this time. Which means I need to either grind a bit more fine or tamper harder.  Another factor may be the amount of grinds I’m using. I’m using a 14g double shot filter, but I’m kind of eyeballing it. To get a scale or not. That is the question.  Still too many bubbles in the milk, which can mean that i’m not frothing in the best zone and/or I’m not watching the temperatures right.  I will get this!



Man… so many splatters.  Who is going to clean it up? Oh.. me.



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