Downstairs Family Room Finally Coming Together!

Occasionally on The Culture Bite, I’ll write a house post to share how the furnishing is coming along. Today, I wanted to share our downstairs family room because it’s finally coming together. Slowly, but surely. K and I spend most of our time down here entertaining, watching movies and playing games. We wanted this room to be comfortable and cozy while still being stylish.

  1. Room and Board couch, $1399
  2. Persian rug from, $350
  3. Organic chairs from, $350
  4. Side table from Room Service (Hayes Valley), $145
  5. Hanging floor lamp, free!
  6. Wicker chest, free from my aunt when she moved to Washington DC.

My favorite part of this room is the hanging floor lamp. K and I found it on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up from the garbage man. Yes, K and I have dumpster diving lamp next to our Room and Board couch and we absolutely love it.

We’re still looking for a media console to go with our brand new 55″ TV we purchased after Thanksgiving. We’re currently in love with this one from BDI, but we’re waiting it out until we find something similar and more affordable. Stay tuned for more!

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2 Responses to “Downstairs Family Room Finally Coming Together!”

  1. meagan says:

    Yay!! it’s looking great!! love the rug, too!

  2. samiam says:

    thanks meagan! i meant to remove the table lamp because it’s meant for one of our upstairs rooms. we got that from the restoration hardware closeout sale.

    you’ll have to come by soon and give me some design advice!

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