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Troya Storefront

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

It’s been a while since I’ve given a restaurant 5 clubs. And Troya, an authentic Turkish restaurant in the Inner Richmond, completely deserves a perfect score. Troya is a cute little restaurant on the corner of 4th and Clement. Dark ambiance, candles on every table – such a cute place for a date night.

We started with two appetizers – flat bread topped with ground lamb and spices and super moist crab cakes. Both were amazing, especially the flat bread. Smoky, earthy… with a hint of cumin. Boy, I could eat that flat bread every day if I knew how to make it.

Troya Flat Bread

Troya Crab Cakes

Now it’s time for kebabs. I had the kofte kebabs (lamb meatballs). Oh it was so delicious. So tender and juicy. Each meatball exploded with flavor with each bite. Dip it in the hot sauce for some serious heat. K’s lamb cube skewers were just as tasty. For such tiny pieces, each was cooked perfectly tender. And they were lean! Major plus.

Troya Meatball Kebab

Troya Lamb Kebab

As if the meal couldn’t get any better, we had dessert. K and I shared the kunefe, shredded phyllo dough (kadayif) wrapped around a soft cake-like cheese topped with a simple syrup and crushed pistachios. The crunchy dough resembled crispy noodles and the center was warm and gooey. We were so full from dinner, I was surprised when we devoured the dessert and licked the plate clean in seconds.

Troya Kunefe

As if you couldn’t tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. The meal, the service and the price – the entire experience was perfect. I just can’t wait to come back!

349 Clement St
(between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94118
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond

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