Kung Fu Tacos – San Francisco

Kung Fu Tacos Duck and Pork TacosKung Fu Tacos
Sacramento & Montgomery
San Francisco, CA 94111
Neighborhood: Financial District

Rated: ♣♣♣

K was just telling me the other day, “Someone need to make a Peking duck taco.” Well, at Kung Fu Tacos, you can get just that. An old college friend (and fellow foodie) came to visit me at lunch one day during work and decided to try the famous KFT.

The scene:

This is an order, grab your food and eat at your desk kind of place. You’d have to work in the area to eat here since there’s no where you can park or sit.

The line was short and service was quick. It took about 2 min til we got our food.

The food:

Their menu consists of only 5 different kinds of tacos, but the specialty tacos ($3 each) is where the party’s at. You’d definitely need at least 3 to get full.

I actually had lunch before I came here, so I was only able to try the duck taco and a dessert.

Roast Duck taco – These are street-style tacos, so they’re about the size of my hand which is pretty tiny. This taco consisted of roast duck, Hoisin sauce, mango salsa and green onions all on top of a chewy corn tortilla. The mixture of flavors are great. I would’ve been fine with just the duck and sauce, but the salsa really brings it up a notch. The sweet and tangy salsa adds a punch to the taco both texturally and taste-wise.

Dulce de Leche Banana Empanada – Unfortunately, this sounds a lot better than it tastes. I was looking forward to a buttery, crispy shell oozing with mushed bananas and caramel on the inside. To my dismay, I found mostly crust and a super thin layer of caramel sauce with a hint of banana flavor. Super disappointing.

Kung Fu Tacos is one of the more famous food trucks in San Francisco, and by the taste of their tacos, I can see why. I’d love to come back again to try their Wu Shu Char Sui taco.

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