Scream Sorbet – San Francisco

Scream Sorbet MenuScream Sorbet
1 Ferry Building
Neighborhood: Embarcadero

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

Every Thursday, I walk by the Scream Sorbet stand at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and I’m always intimidated because they charge $3 for sample size cup. But a couple weeks ago, my mom offered to get me a scoop.

The scene:

You can by the sorbet buy the scoop or in a tiny carton. They have very unusual flavors such as peanut brittle or beet lemon, and you’ll be amazed by how alike their sorbet tastes to the real thing. The dude working the stand isn’t friendly at all though. The only thing I remember him saying was “keep your spoon,” so if you try something, a spoon doesn’t go to waste. I can imagine why he’d be on the unfriendly side though since he probably gets hundreds of people asking for samples all the time.

The food:

Chocolate Raspberry – Wow, the flavors were very strong in this sorbet. The chocolate was rich and somewhat bitter, it tasted like I was biting into an actual dark chocolate bar. There was just enough raspberry flavor to balance out the chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with the pair.

I will most likely come back to Scream Sorbet, but probably not as often because of the service and price. It is amazingly tasty though.

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