Porridge King – Daly City

Porridge King StorefrontPorridge King
55 Skyline Plz
Daly City, CA 94015

Rated: ♣♣♣

Whenever I want a big bowl on jook (rice porridge), I always go to Porridge King. Big portions, tons of variety and a long line is what you’ll find at this hot spot.

The scene:

This is your typical Chinese restaurant designed for a quick bite. Here you can get a bowl of jook, an order of stir fried noodles or even roast duck over rice. The menu is endless. I’ve been coming to Porridge King for years and have notice the price of all their dishes rising. The higher prices are definitely not affecting the business though. For 2 dishes, K and I ended up paying $14.

The food:

Porridge w/Salted Pork and Preserved Egg – I love this type of jook. I get it every single time I go to this restaurant. What sets them apart from other porridge is that you can ask for it without ginger! They also serve a side dish of crispy wonton skins and preserved vegetables to sprinkle on your soup.

Rice noodle soup with preserved vegetables and sliced chicken – Imagine brothy noodle soup with gravy. Mmm… so tastey! We’ve never had anything like this before, but we’re definitely going to order this again.

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