Arizmendi Bakery – San Francisco

Arizmendi Bakery StorefrontArizmendi Bakery
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
1331 9th Ave
(between Irving St & Judah St)
San Francisco, CA 94122

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

I finally had a chance to try this place over the weekend. I frequently visit 9th and Irving area for lunch or dinner, but I’ve never seen Arizmendi Bakery. I don’t know how I even missed this place because the line is out the door and the smell of fresh baked goods looms the exterior of the bakery.

The scene:

Did I mention the place is packed? The bakery makes everything from coffee cake to focaccia to fresh baked bread to pizza. Customers pick out what they want from the bins and bring it to the register to pay. The pizzas are behind the counter and you can buy it as a whole, a half or even by the slice. Arizmendi also has a baking schedule that lists out what type of pizza and bread they will make daily.

The food:

There served 2 types of pizzas that day. A triple mushroom with sesame-ginger vinagrette and a gorgonzola with housemade sauce. We got a slice of each and the total came to $4.50.

Triple Mushroom w/Sesame-ginger Vinagrette pizza – The crust is thin and crunchy, the toppings are hearty from the loads of mushrooms and the sauce has the perfect hint of Asian vinagrette that gives the pizza some pizzazz.

Gorgonzola with housemade sauce pizza – I have no idea what the housemade sauce is, but it’s good. This pizza was my favorite of the pair. The potent gorgenzola and the tangy white sauce will make any cheese lover give a thumbs up.

I’d love to go back to try the coffee cake. That seemed like the popular item at the bakery.

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