The House – San Francisco

The HouseThe House
1230 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA
Price range: $30-50 (depends on how much alcohol you consume)

Rated: ♣♣♣♣♣

Hello! Guest blogger here. I’d like to start with full disclosure: I don’t eat red meat. My posts will skew towards birds and ocean dwellers, but occasionally I’ll savor some Kalua pork or prosciutto and write about it. Enough about me; let’s get started.

The House is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. This Asian fusion gem hides in a side street in North Beach. The shop is small and reservation is highly recommended. Casual dress, no pretentiousness and a friendly staff.

Oysters on half shell with spicy cilantro mignonette –  The sauce is not for the faint hearted. It’s a combo of diced chili peppers with Sriracha sauce and Tabasico. Delicious.

Deep-fried salmon roll with Chinese hot mustard – You can’t go wrong with deep-fried sushi rolls. You just can’t.

Grilled sea bass with garlic ginger soy – I believe this dish comes with garlic noodles (it’s been a while since I ordered this). The noodles are fluffy with a perfect balance of garlic. The sea bass is works superbly with the ginger soy sauce. This is a must order.

Chicken breast with roasted portabella white truffle oil sauce – Not a huge fan of the chicken, but the truffle oil mixed with mash potatoes is amazing.

Specials (good luck on catching these!)

Grill sole with mussels on pasta – The pasta taste like risotto. The soft pasta and butter sauce mask the typically overpowering mussel taste and create a creamy gooey gumbo. Yum! The sole is well seasoned and adds a bit of crispy contrast to the rest of the dish.

Slow-roasted pork shoulders with foie gras – This dish is probably 4000 calories, but what the heck. You can eat two of the most wondrous things in the world! The pork and foie gra sit in a zesty soup base, which is drenched in the fatty juice from the meats. A spoonful of the fatty pork, foie gra and butter sauce is out of this world. As you recall my disclaimer, I don’t eat red meat. However, I made an exception and tried a spoonful because I simply had to. There are some cabbage in soup; so there’s goes your veggie for the day.

I am no wine connoisaure (more of a beer drinker), but their Pinot Noir (esoterica) and Gewurztraminer (londer) were really good. The Pinot goes well with meats and Gewurztraminer with fish.

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