Bullshead – San Francisco

BullsHead FrontBullsHead
840 Ulloa St
(between Claremont Blvd & West Portal Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94127

Rated: ♣♣♣♣

I walked into about 3 different restaurants tonight before deciding to eat at Bullshead. Bullshead is a local burger joint in West Portal that’s famous for its buffalo burgers. The restaurant showcases their selection of aged red meat waiting to be prepared. Lined with wood paneling and Andy Warhol paintings, the interior of the restaurant is like a time capsule to the 80s.

Buffalo meat is very mild in flavor. It has about 1/5 the amount of fat compared to choice beef as stated on their menu. The only flavoring in the burger was its topping.

I ordered the 1/3lb. buffalo burger with roasted garlic ($10) which was served open face with a mountain of garlic on top. K got the 1/3lb. buffalo burger with bleu cheese and mozzarella ($10). For a side, we got the the fried mushrooms ($5.45) which were good, but the battered shell was so hard the fork could pierce through it.

I would describe the burgers to be guilt-free and tasteless, which is alright for me since it’s a healthier substitute to burgers made with beef. The service is friendly and the chefs are generous with the helpings, which gives me reason to keep coming back to this burger spot.

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